All classes can be offered as group or private sessions

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Starting from the Beginning

This class is perfect for those who have little to no experience with handguns or if it has been awhile since you've handled them.  We start with firearm safety and handling, cover safe practices of ownership and shooting at your favorite range, and finish with marksmenship.  This class gets you safe, builds confidence and gets you having fun with firearms!


Fine tuning your skills

If you are safe and confident with your pistol and ready to take the next step, come attend our Accuracy Builder! We fine tune your marksmanship skills so that you are hitting where you want, when you want.  To move on to more advanced training or if you are considering concealed carry, you need these skills.



When you're ready

A life with firearms is a journey.  You start with safety, build skills, confidence and knowledge & learn how to defend yourself, if necessary.  One day you may even decide to carry a concealed weapon.  If you are considering this, come join this class!  We talk about the real life skills you will need to face an attacker, the concealed carry lifestyle and FL laws.  This is a can't miss class. 

*This class fulfills FL requirements for a concealed carry permit.  You will receive a certificate upon successful completion.


How to carry your gun comfortably & safely

Whether you are new to concealed carry or are unhappy with your current setup, this class will help you get dialed in.  We cover all aspects of your setup and can help you find the right holster for your lifestyle.  You will learn what to look for in a holster and how to test it out safely.  There is a safe, comfortable holster out there for everyone!

Rifle Bullets


When you're not quite sure

If you're looking to purchase a new gun but not sure what you want, we can help! Taking your needs into consideration, we can point you in the right direction.  After you choose, we will try them out on the range, under instruction and discuss the findings.  Choosing a gun is not one size fits all, we understand this and can get you on the right path!


A Tailored Approach 

In a private session, we can address anything you'd like to work on. The topics are endless & we are here to help!

Handgun and  Ammunition